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Business Analysis

Each business has its own unique context. Our approach uses a common methodology but develops a customised analysis for each business. Central to this is a simple model that we use to assess any business.

At the heart of any business is a value proposition – the fundamental source of value in a business.
Around this business proposition evolves a “design” to attain this value. This design consists of:

-The direction applied to the business (Strategy )
-The work processes used in the business
-The people in the business
-How the people are organised
-The tools and metrics they use

Through a series of structured conversations with people within the business we can build up a representation of the business which reflects the reality of how the business actually works.

This process objectively reflects the nature and conduct of the business in the language of the people in the organisation This approach assists in gaining acceptance of the analysis together with an understanding of the implications of not changing.

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